iTunes Album Promotion

Reach an engaging audience to iTunes album and single releases. Our job is to attract iTunes visitors who already have iTunes in their computers. No matter what our client’s genre is, we will do our best to bring the engaging audience to their release. As we advertise, you should start seeing improvements in sales and ratings. Some albums and singles may perform poorly than others. We’ll keep promoting them until there are visible results. If we decide to “give up” on promoting the release, then we’ll provide a full refund.

Our iTunes promotion service is available to worldwide customers, however, we will only advertise the release to the United States audience. Promotion is available for any type of media on iTunes such as songs, apps, games, music videos, audio books, and movies.

Additional Info

It may take up to 24 hours to activate a campaign. If the payment is done by an eCheck, then we will have to wait until it clears before we can start the campaign.

International Customers

Every country has its own independent iTunes store. If you are outside of North American territory, please know that reviews and ratings generated by our service will only show up in North American territory iTunes. For example, suppose you are from United Kingdom and your release has received 20 customer ratings from the iTunes US store. You will not see these reviews as you automatically see the iTunes UK store instead. To see what’s going on in the iTunes US store, simply access iTunes Store and scroll all the way down to the UK flag. Click it and select the US flag. You are now in the iTunes US store and can search for your release and see how it is doing with ratings and reviews. Even though you may not see reviews and ratings in your country’s iTunes store, the sales we bring in still count and paid for.

Example: USA iTunes StoreUK iTunes StoreItaly iTunes Store

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