YouTube Video Promotion

Reach the right audience by advertising your video through our platform. Our main focus is to bring in relevant and active YouTube users to our advertised videos. This will ensure that the video is getting engagements (Likes, dislikes, comments, subscribers, etc). You may target by gender, country (even cities in some countries), age, and more. Whether you’re promoting a music video, comedy sketch, or a product, we’ll be able to reach the right audience to you. YouTube counts all of our reached views and classifies them as “Advertisement” in YouTube video analytics, so you will be able to easily track your viewers.


YouTube campaigns are activated within 24 hours. It may take another 24 hours after activation for the activity to reflect on the view counter.

Decline of Service

TuneSeed reserves the right to decline any purchase(s) for any reason. TuneSeed shall refund any purchase(s) it wishes not to fulfill within 24 hours the order is placed. Not all videos will be approved as we have to make sure that they do not offend our audience. We will decline videos that contain racist, sexist, hacks, keygens, sexually inappropriate content, and excessive profanity. Please email us your video link if you’re not sure if the video’s content is acceptable.

How Does YouTube Count Views?

It’s a complicated process, but possibly the best way a counter could work. As soon as you upload your video, you will see your views building up quickly until the it freezes in between 300-321 views. At this point your counter will update every 8 to 24 hours. YouTube verifies the legitimacy of the views and updates the counter accordingly.


Total view amount is guaranteed. If the campaign falls short on views, then it will be extended.


If the payment is done by an eCheck, then we will have to wait until it clears before we can start the campaign.

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