A creative agency specializing in designing and distributing media ads for YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

TuneSeed YouTube Promotion

YouTube Video Promotion

Promote your next YouTube video targeting worldwide or USA viewers only. Focus on quality audience and targeting active YouTube users. Improve your reach and engagements such as shares, likes, feedbacks, subs, and more. Track and analyze your viewers with analytics. More Info

iTunes Promotion

Promote your album or single on iTunes. Reach more iTunes users and potential buyers. Improve engagements such as shares, feedbacks, ratings, and more. Analyze and track your listeners with analytics. More Info

iTunes Album Promotion

SoundCloud Song Promotion

SoundCloud Song Promotion

Promote a song on SoundCloud through an embed widget. Target quality United States listeners and active SoundCloud users. Improve your reach and engagements such as shares, likes, feedbacks, follows, and more. More Info

ReverbNation Promotion

Promote ReverbNation songs through widgets. Reach more listeners and climb the charts. More Info

IMDB Profile Promotion

Drive IMDB viewers to profiles. Build your brand and improve IMDB rank. More Info

Any Media Website Promotion

Promote any website with any media such as audio and video. Reach more visitors for your content. More Info

Your Own .com & Email

Get your own .com website with email. No coding skills required. We will design and host your website. More Info

YouTube Analytics

Campaign Analytics

Analyze your viewers and listeners with our analytics feature. Track their locations and other useful data. All of our campaigns include analytics.